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Will be held tomorrow. I will no doubt write about it.It's held over - from last week - the Gargoyle - I must remove said presence and .....yeah. I'm ready. I think....
However - What I wasn't ready for - was this past Sunday -  when I honestly felt like a semi - parlor trick  upon entering the house of a family - who had lost their Father/Husband. I made mention that I wasn't sure of my purpose - to the BMPS leader on our way to the location.
But what I really - wasn't expecting - at all,  was the tears - shed - by me. I could feel the frustration from the deceased -  wanting to tell the women left behind to not make the same mistakes  that he made - with his health - emotional over eating ......
I was embarrassed.  For myself - for them.  I never experienced the flow....of tears...yet. And - It was a tough subject - I had brought food up so many times this week -for myself -  for others and the relationship between all of us.... Ugh.   I'll stop there with the serendipitou…

Most Unusual

Wednesday evening, surrounded by thunder & huge lightning bolts I swore were but blocks away from me.Electricity abound... I found myself in Palmerton to aid in a previous BMPS investigation of a residence suspicious of ghosts. Please note - I have not done such things with the group since the "hotel" this past April. (& for the record /medical purpose - my left arm is indeed inflamed since this event and not prior for at least a week)

The rain chased us all the way to the front door where we were met by the teenage girl who resides there.  Long legs and even longer blond hair, her skin obviously proud of it's pool side tan I admired upon entrance until I noticed that the premise, clutter with hundreds of antiques & collectibles from previous decades smelt of Yankee candles perhaps vanilla or sugar cookie.
After greeting the family with said inquiry -  Bob and I headed upstairs - first our greeter's bedroom - a small - loft.   I sat in the upstairs on the comfy …

Crying with strangers...

Saturday. The sun was out, the weather was warm and rain seemed just a bad dream we all need to escape. No trace of clouds hovered the muggy air when we opened the outside bar.
The first, older couple at my bar was familiar.  They spectated as I dodged and cringed when serving a boisterous woman (driving a motorcycle) who just came from finding Jesus in rehab her second chardonnay.  They also frowned with me - when the other bartender agreed to fetch red bull for said woman's Jaeger Bomb!
The nice couple obviously shared my discomfort and made eyes back at me when I looked to them in forgiveness for entertaining Jesus's hog driving sister's monologue about her son's first child (being born while she slapped one down in front of us) and the story of her son vowing to murder her, his own mother -  just the night before.
The muggy August air, thickened until finally she left.   But not after politely hitting on husband o'friendly couple - to which sparked a 3 minute recap…

Sorry, that mailbox is full

Said the recording ..."try again later"
My inbox clicks full of junk mail.   My mailbox is full of medical bills. 
feeling a little disconnected, disconcerted even perhaps just riddled with hormones as the moon and the month would schedule it that way  it's all just process repeats as the broken record skips another beat in my brain
I need ten minutes of your time time just  ...time
leave a message.....
be something other than what's become of me, in this darkly lit room looking for a reason as I hang up message again
there's nothing more to bite into since I've already bitten off more than I care to chew  in my new not so skinny yet, somewhat skinnier jeans.  
cover your mouth! she yelled. don't put another thing in it!  ... a wise tone as she licked her lips and fingers of day old barbecue sauce.
while the piper has come piping there isn't much to report in the way of glamour in our upcoming conversation yet to be scheduled at your earliest convenie…