So, you think YOUR boss sucks?

Try having a DEAD boss make 
great demands of you at work...or in my case, 
freak on me - in my dreams.

Much to my dismay 
Dead Boss is back.  
He spoke to me on Sunday morning.  

Of course, He was angry & I - not wanting to deal with this 
horrible bully -insisted that he leave me alone.  
(please note, my left hand itched for 15 minutes after this event)

Now, for the record & to my great defense - 
there are 2 others at work who share the....
well the  "6th sense" or whatever you want to call it - with me.  
While they both can "see" I can, at this point - hear and feel.  

So I decided to first ask the young woman I'll call - Candy - if she had "seen"
 any activity or "people" in the restaurant.

Me: Hey Candy - glad to see you back at work (she'd called out sick the past 2 days) ...
listen, I was wondering, well, if you have "seen" anyone here lately - well...because, I keep hearing things.....
Candy:  (Eyes real big & out of character) NO. NO! I haven't seen anyone in a long time.  
Me: (Brow furrowed because Candy's face is totally not matching her response) 
OH, OK .... cause I even had these dreams....
Candy: (Again w. the weird face & big eyes) NOPE.  But there were boxes that fell -like jumped from the back of the shelf last week while I was in the basement looking for cups...
Me: OK, well - let's just touch base about it in the future ...I mean if you don't mind....

While pulling my car out of the parking lot, Candy jumped behind it and yelled
I rolled down the window and asked if she was OK.

Candy: I couldn't talk to you in there because whatever it is was standing right behind you - or near us, I could feel it everywhere. I've been feeling it. I'm so freaked out.
Candy: I wasn't sick the last couple days - I was actually afraid to come to work - I had this dream - this angry old man, I'd never met or seen before- was here - he was yelling at me - telling me to say something to someone - I didn't understand - then he grabbed my arms and look.....
Candy lifted her right arm sleeve to reveal several small bruises.
Candy: I thought maybe it was my grandfather - so I told my mom...because I was so wigged when I woke up.
ME: NO. It's HIM.  I said. It's DEAD Boss. He's so mad.  He's trying any way he can to make his presence known - trying anyway for anyone to intervene to his son for him.  But I won't do it.  
Candy: I never met HIM.  Why would he do this to me? I'm scared to be here. I want to find another job.
ME: Talk to your mom.  Tell her everything I told you.  Let me know what she suggests.

Candy comes from a line of Voodoo...  Her Grandmother being said to be of black magic.

I went to the basement yesterday - apologized to Dead Boss for any  disrespect I may have caused him but told him that it was NOT OK to hurt others and I would do everything in my power to make sure he didn't.  My hand became inflamed for the next 30minutes.....

There is one more person at work - that I could ask -  3 people to confirm means, I'm not crazy x's 3.  
And so I waited until we were alone.

ME: Hey, can I ask you - have you seen Dead Boss around lately?
MR. Trinidad:  Sunday night he was here on the deck. 
ME:  Sunday??
MR. Trinidad:  Yeah - I was sittn alone,  head in me hands, so tired -  was lookin to da ground when he come round da corner and ask me how everyteen was doin
and I say good man - and den I look - and I saw eem.
ME: Ok, that's all I needed to know.  

Me: I suppose that this is the ultimate test - just - screaming in my face.
Since joining BMPS, my conviction has become much stronger -  that those who have passed on MUST cross over because their time here is not only up but when they linger - it obviously causes mass interference to our reality.  I have witnessed this several times personally.
I'm leaving now to go talk to my superiors.  
Report back soon.


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