Thursday, July 9, 2009

As you transcend, so shall your foundation shake

as in the law of opposites.....
or as Bible hurling Christians will have it 
the "devil" will test you as you seek to be closer to God.

I get it.

This is what the experience of my"illness" is. 
And since my last entry, I have addressed whatever it is that is making me not perform 100% 
to my healthy abilities right now; demanding that it leave.
I burnt sage, took a shower and all the while repeated, 
"you have no permission to make a home within my body. i am a healthy, vibrant woman."

Since doing so (Sunday) I've also weaned myself off medication 
and have felt better than I have in weeks.

It is the power of positive suggestion people and I am proof that it works.  
Now don't misread me, I'm not saying I miraculously cured whatever Thyroid thing I may be encountering but what I am saying is I truly recognize this event as a test - 
while I declared becoming a voice, vessel & channel for the universe through Metaphysiques - my body was/is subject to "change". It's all process, part of the plan even.  Learn as we go.  

I get it.

I've also demanded aloud, at work, (while blaring Dave Matthews) 
that Dead Boss take a  F*%ng hike.  
He did not pay me the time of day while he was living so he has no right to make such demands of me from the dead.  This is his dilemma, his karma if you will - not mine.  
He also has no right to physically attack me or cause me harm even if in life he was a bully- 
and should he even attempt to do so again, my reaction next time won't be as polite.
The great news is - I have NOT heard or seen him since.  Which is not to say that he's gone from lurking around the goings on at work.  I'm just not permitting him to impose his visits on me.

I am currently now in study on how to call on "higher" guns per say so 
that something like this does not affect me in such a harmful way ever again.  

I'm also learning that other mediums have been subject to illness because, let's face it - energy  However, I won't stand for being sick while wanting or hoping to help others here or "there".  It's not part of my intention, plan or Metaphysiques for that matter.

Ok, enough about me.  
Let's talk about URANUS.

Every time a planet comes back into Earth's orbit after being gone for a certain amount of time (enter URANUS), it does bring a tremendous amount of change, breakups, transformation, even death.
There's also two lunar eclipses this month one this past tuesday (also the full moon) which translates random people pouring in and out of your life, your work load increasing......

It's so interesting to see and follow how - as  we are all connected and part of such a bigger picture that other grand planets we don't even think about (Uranus) & events we wouldn't even consider (2 lunar eclipses) increase the probability and likeness of change within our own little world.

Ok then - until next time, 
God is love, you are loved and telling a 
friend today that you honor  
their friendship could be a great conversation starter.


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