Walk in...

Over the past two weeks, 
I've been plagued with an unknown "sick".

First, a gross skin disease that looks like my nubs could fall off,
a harsh tightness in my chest for no reason (because really, I'm not stressed) 
and an itchy unexplainable rash on my chest & arms with an occasional fever.  

My spiritual mentor, Arlene, 
mentioned that when she sent me healing she was told that my illness had been from "energy". Confused, I responded that I hadn't been on an investigation with the group in quite some time.

When my antibiotics ran out I didn't see a great change in my symptoms.
In fact, I started to notice other things that were strange.
My face - didn't look the same at times, I gazed in the mirror and couldn't figure out what it was that was different.
My hair - frizzed out beyond anything I've ever experienced so I chalked it up to the weather.
But then, there were two days were I was uncontrollably sad. 
I felt like a teenager about to get her first period.  I couldn't put what I was feeling in words.

Then last evening, I went to my spiritual mentors house once again. 
While we were in session my arms flared up red and began to itch as to bring attention to my unknown state of discomfort.
I politely interrupted our conversation and mentioned that I thought the "energy" she could be speaking of was leaking out of my computer. When I was typing last week, I noticed that my fingers began to burn.  I also mentioned that right after I made the discovery of "faces" in the photos from one of our investigations was when this unknown illness started to unravel. 

Arlene immediately asked if we could stop what we were doing to try healing.
Of course I agreed.

I closed my eyes and put out my hands as instructed.
She noted that she could feel extreme heat coming from me.  
After a while, she asked me what I was feeling.
I told her that it was odd, but I could hear a woman screaming.

Then I opened my eyes and said
"it's the woman from the hotel. she's upset that I didn't help her."

Arlene asked "do you want to go there?"
I was confused "What? ...now...?"
But before I could mutter another word, 
the wise crone rubbed her hands together, leaned in toward me and started yelling.
"It's time for you to go." She repeated over and over.
"I said, she's afraid of what she's done. She killed her baby."
"You are forgiven. I know you're a Catholic, but you've been absolved.  You're baby is waiting for you. Do you want your baby? Do you want your baby?"
"Michelle, what are you feeling where are you? I said, sitting in the kitchen at the hotel. It's sunny. I can hear birds.  I'm not afraid."

Her tone became more harsh then. "Do you want your baby?" She repeated.
Then as if she was speaking to someone else, she said "Yes, go ahead. I need your help."
Just then I felt a huge weight lifted from my chest.
"She's gone. She literally poured out of your skin! Her name was Helen!"
I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I sat there in complete amazement.
This whole time, I wasn't able to put into words the "different" I was feeling.
"Miriam, my spirit guide came to help you. She stood behind you and pushed Helen out."

I was flabbergasted. 

"We have to work on protecting you better. 
You have to delete those pictures on your computer 
and cleanse your computer at once."

Of course it's the first thing I did when I came home.  
The rest of the evening I remained in disbelief that I had my first "Walk in".  
I was so lethargic.  As if I had ran 2 miles. (Yes, two is a lot for me....)
Walk ins....
not something I want to bring into my life - 
ever again.



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