My First

Tonight is a momentous occasion.
Not because I only had three customers at the cloudy, cold, bar....
but because when I went to pick up my daughter 
(& my mail), I was not just greeted with my Amex bill, but also the new Rolling Stone and a silvery SASE 
I sent out two weeks earlier....

which meant...


I received 
my very first 
rejection letter.

Now that...that's over!


It wasn't a letters so much as it was a mass produced 
copy of an (unsigned) rejection notice 
printed on a 4x6" piece of yellow paper 
that was cut most likely by an intern.

Thank you Meredith Bernstein, for being my first 
(current status of the industry or not).
I mean it.

When one door closes, another opens.  
In another envelope sat invitations for family and friends 
for an art show I will be part of next weekend.  
Here's to keeping chins up.



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