in 06-07, I embarked on an amazing
program called 

'Metaphysiques is a coaching program that takes a metaphysical approach to exercise.  By blending your own unique take on spirituality with physical exercise, you can achieve a level of fitness that has escaped you until now.'

Connecting my higher power to my physical body WHILE I worked out was the best thing I had ever done in my life.  
The workouts were full of intention and gratitude instead of begrudging reps and daydreaming to pass the time.

For once, I had clarity.  Sweet, sweaty clarity.  My body was my moving temple.

However, I recently had what Oprah calls, an "AHA! Moment."  
- now, that I am in "mommy-physique" and in the thick of it with Weight Watchers (down 17lbs!!)
it would be most appropriate to reconnect with the same juice that got my blood flowing. 


So, I have committed to not only immersing myself in the program once again 
but to also allowing spirit to guide me to becoming the first official instructor of 
Metaphysique - outside of California - or ever.
I will journal my entire experience to compile an easy how to manual to inspire the masses.

I look forward to developing a language that is universal to connect people & their bodies to their higher power, giving them true empowerment and health.

So far I've lost 1.5lbs since setting my intention last week.  
I've also begun Bellydancing as a way to raise energy and my stakes in this claim.
I LOVE where this is going.

If you are interested in learning more about Metaphysique, click HERE.
Much love, 


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