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in 06-07, I embarked on an amazingprogram called Metaphysique  with Life Coach Clint Griess.  
'Metaphysiques is a coaching program that takes a metaphysical approach to exercise.  By blending your own unique take on spirituality with physical exercise, you can achieve a level of fitness that has escaped you until now.'

Connecting my higher power to my physical body WHILE I worked out was the best thing I had ever done in my life.   The workouts were full of intention and gratitude instead of begrudging reps and daydreaming to pass the time.
For once, I had clarity.  Sweet, sweaty clarity.  My body was my moving temple.
However, I recently had what Oprah calls, an "AHA! Moment."   - now, that I am in "mommy-physique" and in the thick of it with Weight Watchers (down 17lbs!!) it would be most appropriate to reconnect with the same juice that got my blood flowing. 
So, I have committed to not only immersing myself in the program once again  but to also allowing spi…

Walk in...

Over the past two weeks, I've been plagued with an unknown "sick".
First, a gross skin disease that looks like my nubs could fall off, a harsh tightness in my chest for no reason (because really, I'm not stressed)  and an itchy unexplainable rash on my chest & arms with an occasional fever.  
My spiritual mentor, Arlene,  mentioned that when she sent me healing she was told that my illness had been from "energy". Confused, I responded that I hadn't been on an investigation with the group in quite some time.
When my antibiotics ran out I didn't see a great change in my symptoms. In fact, I started to notice other things that were strange. My face - didn't look the same at times, I gazed in the mirror and couldn't figure out what it was that was different. My hair - frizzed out beyond anything I've ever experienced so I chalked it up to the weather. But then, there were two days were I was uncontrollably sad.  I felt like a teenager about to get …

My First

Tonight is a momentous occasion.Not because I only had three customers at the cloudy, cold, bar.... but because when I went to pick up my daughter  (& my mail), I was not just greeted with my Amex bill, but also the new Rolling Stone and a silvery SASE  I sent out two weeks earlier....
which meant...
I received  my very first  rejection letter.
Whew.   Now that...that's over!
It wasn't a letters so much as it was a mass produced  copy of an (unsigned) rejection notice  printed on a 4x6" piece of yellow paper  that was cut most likely by an intern.
Thank you Meredith Bernstein, for being my first  (current status of the industry or not). I mean it.
When one door closes, another opens.   In another envelope sat invitations for family and friends  for an art show I will be part of next weekend.   Here's to keeping chins up.