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startling phenomenon

These two photos were shot last month on the property of the "Hotel B" investigation.

For scientific purpose, please note that in these two frames there is no light source.  
The sun has faded. 
There are no cars /traffic passing by.  
No lights from the "hotel" are on (inside or out) - as we conduct our examinations without power.

I do not believe the light in these two photos to be static energy or any form of electrical interference.

People who are resistant to belief in anything other than they can see or feel have most likely been conditioned by a rational, left brain world view.

I have not been brought up that way and my experience leads me to believe in a broader more magical universe one that is privy to information beyond what we choose to see with our human eyes.

In my research, I have learned that the physical universe as described by physicists & the spiritual realm as described by mystics and sages are shown to be remarkably similar. They seem to operate on parallel principals that, in the final analysis may be identical.  As F. David Peat Explains in his books The Bridge Between Matter & Mind or The Looking Glass Universe & Synchronicity:   MATTER IS NOT MERE MATTER.  - Rather than nature being reduced to the material, the whole notion of the material has been extended into regions of indefinite intangibility. 
In other words, there are intangible qualities, such as pattern and meaning behind what appears to be solid matter. And ...underlying both the material realms and mental realms are patterns of information.  The conclusion to this is that there is a vital unity in the universe ...there unfold harmonies that spread out across the mental and material realms in the form of meaningful patterns and conjunctions that act as intimations of the essential unity of ALL nature.

THE ANSWER on how to access and work with these patterns of info is by the means of LIGHT.

On the subatomic level all material things are composted of energy and radiation. They emit auras.
Everything emits, refracts & reflects light.  By light - do not discount X rays, ultraviolet, infrared, radar & the same energy found in TV & Radio waves.  Light energy is EVERYWHERE.
Outside of Light - nothing exists.  (Laurie Cabot/The Power of The Witch).

I have my own set of opinions about the above photos.  I'm not going to place them here - but in the next blog so that you can draw your own set of ideas and perhaps share them with me.

God Bless, 


  1. And now for my personal opinion of the light emitted in the night images above.

    When I first saw the photos at Bob's house during a meeting where we were going over numerous audio, video and photo files from previous investigations, I immediately thought of something I had learned reading Sylvia Brown a few years ago -

    that the spirit plane is just three feet above us.....

    then the (top) picture which at glance looks like movie screen above Matt's head - I could clearly see - a band of horses and an indian - then gasped.

    indian warfare was recorded on that land.

    in the picture below however - there is NO light source. It almost appears as if a spotlight is shining down from the sky - in the middle of the yard....
    which brings me back to my theory on this location
    it's a portal/or vortex of sorts
    the property and surrounding area/road has claimed many lives since...well, the indians. Perhaps most left behind are having trouble finding the way home.

    Or are they being kept there by another unseen force?

    Matt had experienced a horrible nightmare that night - which he stated was RARE for him. I won't divulge the details he shared but I encouraged him to not take the communication for granted.

  2. The newest JJ abrams show, Fringe, talked about a vortex/portal or another dimension kinda like the bermuda triange. very interesting stuff michelle.



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