relentless ignorance

does not become you putting labels on anything to help you understand
but yet, you don't fully grasp the concept of understanding at all 

and what a pitty, such a pretty girl with so much potential
by that they mean, get her hitched & knocked up already
take her away from her own worst enemy - her

favorable unknowing, no questions asked not the kind that when you go searching for the answers anyway
sometimes goodbye is exactly what you need

closing doors on the company you keep because surely you don't want to be labeled like such or labeled at all

better to be a recluse with clipped wings holding you back from falling off the edge of sanity

sometimes goodbye is everything it's a new beginning, a message to not be understood
just accepted

sometimes goodbye is nothing - nothing to do with you but the inner workings of a madman, thoughts consuming so loudly that there is no room for two

don't put a label on it, put it in a glass jar and listen


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