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I believe that we as humans have divine right to choose our own destiny.

I believe WE choose what/who we WANT to believe in
 -held unharmed in positive loving arms from those who disagree 
 - for the good of all - 

I believe in KA...

I am grateful for YOUR love & success because we are ONE in the SAME.


That forgiveness, not goodbye is the harder challenge.

I believe that POSITIVE CHANGE is possible, FOR EVERYONE.

So go with the flow.

That YOUR/OUR own example
of leading a life of light, spirit & positivity
will be infectious
& we won't want or need an antibiotic or mask from that

I believe in the 
All Mighty, All forgiving
Peaceful Warrior

AMEN                              SO MOTE IT BE                         NAMASTE


  1. TURKEYS are in front of me, as I typed this....

    Wild turkeys lived almost ten million years ago and are native to North America.
    *Between 5,000 and 6,000 feathers cover the body of an adult turkey.
    *can be heard a mile away.
    *have excellent vision during the day but don't see as well at night. Turkeys can run at speeds up to 25 mph, and can fly up to 55 mph. *like open areas for feeding, mating & habitat.
    * use forested areas as cover from predators & for roosting in trees at night.
    *A varied habitat of both open and covered area is essential for wild turkey survival.

    A wild turkey is a clean bird in many respects and considers its appearance important.
    A turkey's colorful metallic iridescence glittering feathers provide a variety of survival functions - they keep warm & dry, allow him to fly, feel and show off for the opposite sex.
    Turkey feathers were used American Indians to stabilize arrows & adorn ceremonial dress & spurs on the legs of wild tom turkeys were used as projectiles on arrowheads. I
    If the spirit of the turkey struts into your life it may be to remind you that hygiene and appearances are important to self-respect and respect for others.

    Turkeys have very good hearing
    can see in color & tiny movement almost a hundred yards away.

    The message of the turkey spirit could be to closely examine our actions & how they relate to our spiritual path.

    Toms and sometimes hens have black, hair-like feathers called beards on their chest.

    Turkeys’ heads change colors when they become excited as both defense and warning to other turkeys. If your spirit turkey shows you these characteristics, it is time to sit up and take notice of your own actions that may hinder your spiritual growth.
    You may also need to look at people, situations or events around you.
    Wild turkeys eat whatever is available in the immediate terrain including nuts, berries, green foliage, insects, and lizards.
    This habit has been seen in vision given by a spirit turkey & interpreted to mean
    to make good use of the talents and resources, to waste nothing and give thanks daily for the bounty and blessings given by the Creator.

    Turkeys fly powerfully for short distances but have difficulty in sustaining great speed over a long distance. If you see turkey flying into your life in this way, its message may be to start redirecting your spiritual energy in a more balanced or efficient way.
    Quick bursts of enthusiasm or energy can lead to undesirable results.

    The wild turkey is a resilient bird, a survivor.
    After heavy, uncontrolled hunting by European settlers and American hunters, it almost vanished to near extinction by the early 1900's.
    But, through con
    servation turkey populations have rebounded and are growing. Wild turkeys almost vanished from North America largely due to greed and disrespect.

    To American Indians the wild turkey symbolizes renewal and rebirth that must take place for all nature in order for humans to survive. The turkey also symbolizes the spirit of freedom that must be respected by all people.


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