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I believe that we as humans have divine right to choose our own destiny.
I believe WE choose what/who we WANT to believe in  -held unharmed in positive loving arms from those who disagree   - for the good of all - 
I believe in KA... .mpassion .reativity .ndness .RMA
I am grateful for YOUR love & success because we are ONE in the SAME.

I  believe  IN  dancing NOT fighting
That forgiveness, not goodbye is the harder challenge.
I believe that POSITIVE CHANGE is possible, FOR EVERYONE.
That DOING GOOD  CREATES  MORE GOOD. So go with the flow.
That YOUR/OUR own example of leading a life of light, spirit & positivity will be infectious & we won't want or need an antibiotic or mask from that
I believe in the  EARTH ENERGY SPIRIT  &  THE ALL All Mighty, All forgiving Peaceful Warrior & His/Her Growing Strength IN  THIS WORLD
AMEN                              SO MOTE IT BE                         NAMASTE

startling phenomenon

These two photos were shot last month on the property of the "Hotel B" investigation.
For scientific purpose, please note that in these two frames there is no light source.   The sun has faded.  There are no cars /traffic passing by.   No lights from the "hotel" are on (inside or out) - as we conduct our examinations without power.
I do not believe the light in these two photos to be static energy or any form of electrical interference.
People who are resistant to belief in anything other than they can see or feel have most likely been conditioned by a rational, left brain world view.
I have not been brought up that way and my experience leads me to believe in a broader more magical universe one that is privy to information beyond what we choose to see with our human eyes.

In my research, I have learned that the physical universe as described by physicists & the spiritual realm as described by mystics and sages are shown to be remarkably similar. They seem to operate o…

My date with the NY MOMA

Oh New York. I'm smitten with you once more.  Sigh.
The city was more than welcoming yesterday.  Green lights all blinked in our favor.  The sun reflected springtime off high rise windows adding a certain sparkle to the passerby's eye. The smell was light and inviting.

I played hooky from slinging beer & escaped to the city as I had a brief date with the  NY MOMA. Really, I had put on my cheerleading pants & along with Colleen Davis  -  we went in support of our friend Randall Sellers who was giving a short lecture on his work at the museum.
 What a glorious day for art, sushi, meeting new friends  and seeing parts of the upper west side that I haven't explored before.   Crossing the George Washington Bridge was a grand first too.
Like a giddy school girl, I had to bite my lip during the presentation  when two of the artists went all juvenile sexual tension talk about their work.  Specifically the first artist who had shown handfuls of drawings which consisted of hockey players na…

I've been busy...

Putting bells and whistles & trims and bows on the final FINAL
WolfWitch manuscript.
It's been 2 1/2 years since day one on this adventure. I'm ready!
Touching up query letter and sigh.... can you tell? I'm SO EXCITED!
Crossing Fingers and legs and oh yeah, also jumping for joy over the logo sent from my amazing artist friend Topher.  p.s....He's a genius.(click to see more genius here.....)
Stay tuned...there's an upcoming date for another public reading at Sellers Book Storein Jim Thorpe on the table.
Thank you for your patience, love and support!!

relentless ignorance

does not become you putting labels on anything to help you understandbut yet, you don't fully grasp the concept of understanding at all 
and what a pitty, such a pretty girl with so much potential by that they mean, get her hitched & knocked up already take her away from her own worst enemy - her self
favorable unknowing, no questions asked not the kind that when you go searching for the answers anyway sometimes goodbye is exactly what you need
closing doors on the company you keep because surely you don't want to be labeled like such or labeled at all
better to be a recluse with clipped wings holding you back from falling off the edge of sanity
sometimes goodbye is everything it's a new beginning, a message to not be understood just accepted
sometimes goodbye is nothing - nothing to do with you but the inner workings of a madman, thoughts consuming so loudly that there is no room for two
don't put a label on it, put it in a glass jar and listen