Making Peace in NYC

Yesterday, I was honored to be able to participate in an artistic journey 
about healing, cleansing
and LOVE.

I followed my friend  Colleen Davis & 
Artist, Indigo Raffel with my video camera into Manhattan's financial district. 

Destination: Historic Trinity Church of Wall Street.

Purpose: Indigo had created a piece of art there -a RANGOLI & we were going to both bear witness and participate in it's dismantle.

RANGOLI: origin, India  - using sand  &  rice to decorate (everything from nature to breath life into art) however, this particular Rangoli was not just laid out in the church's art gallery to be visually stimulating for passers by 
but the intention & the purpose of this piece was to bring healing, cleansing, rebirth and LOVE to the financial district, the people of NY & those whose lives were shook by 9/11.  

To voice this sacred intention, Indigo chose such powerful earth ingredients for success.

Frankincense to bring abundance
Lavender which has healing, cleansing and calming properties
Juniper for love, balance &  healing
Black pepper for history, trade & spark
Pink pepper berries to ignite pure heart love
Blue thistle for stamina 
White Rice for Unity, Release & Nourishment
Mirror Mosaics to reflect that we are all one, a reflection of the world
Pink Roses for unconditional love
Pomegranates for Rebirth
Votives in a red glass to set the intention of the prayer
Yellow Lentils to represent the earth/ground
and finally

Sacred healing sticks that a tribe in Costa Rica had sent to be buried in the grounds of NYC.

As you can see, the end result was a stunning circular collaborative of visual action.  
Yesterday I filmed while my friend Brian Nuels photographed spirit as the ingredients were taken one by one from the beautiful design, until finally we marched it through the streets of NYC and into the cemetery at St. Paul's - which is located directly across the street from site of the WTC.

The sacred sticks sent from a tribe in Costa Rica were buried into the earth  beneath a beautiful tree that sits at the gates of the sacred ground.  The roses, pink pepper berries & such were placed around the trunk - almost a new piece of art and offering back to the planet - rooting the intention and prayer for healing, cleansing, love and rebirth.
The remainder of the ingredients traveled home with Colleen, Indigo and & to the Pocono's to be laid out on the earth in Collen's Labyrinth - a sacred place she invites others to enjoy & be inspired.

The streets of course, were filled with people, life, sunshine and warm weather. We could not have asked or hoped for better weather. During the dismantling of the Rangoli a wedding took place at Trinity Church - symbolic of new chapters, new beginnings. And indeed - for me personally - yesterday was just that.


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