Investigation #2

I will call this "B" hotel - where I spent Friday night.

The BMPS first investigated this local near Halloween last year. At that time, they recorded 18 disembodied voices - very clearly.

Monday, I did an initial walk through with the Founder of the group.
Walking in, I sensed a woman in the kitchen area who kept asking me not to leave.
"Please don't go".

The basement had a super bad vibe - like a morgue.  Here,  I heard a woman whisper.
"We are not all that remains."  
A man's voice: "What do you want?" Another man: "Get out."

On the 2nd Floor a woman:  "They're here to expose our secrets".

In the bar area:  Voice 1 - "Wanna party?"   A 2nd "It's him again, He'll bring the party".  - referring to our Head Honcho - Bob.
A 3rd "I know who you are, I know you!" A 4th " I know why you are here."

Then Bob gave me the details of the location.
Built in 1900  - Was home to a WW1 Hospital,
A brothel & A bar/hotel over time.
There is also historic confirmation of Indian/Settler fighting on the grounds outside.
Currently it is in renovation to become a bar/restaurant. Another thing I'd like to mention is - the intersection at the location sits at has claimed over a dozen lives.

Theory: A Portal?  That's what I'm thinking because there are layers & layers of decades of passing at this one location.  From the Indians to the accidents to the venue itself being a WW1 hospital then a bar where a drunk driving death was also documented.  

Yesterday, I arrived on hour prior to the others. I lit sage and sat beneath a willow tree on the grounds to meditate and tune in if you will.
I saw - two alpha type males and one dark entity that I could not describe and questioned if it was human.
 - a handful of women.
As the group gathered into a circle and the other Founder Matt divided us into groups, I heard that woman again - in the kitchen - calling for me to come back. I had to bite back tears.  There was a knock that everyone heard then. We couldn't tell from where.

Sitting in the kitchen/"new addition built circa 50-60's" - we initiated communication.
From "The Box" we heard names called out:
Cheryl, Tess
Elizabeth, Trisha
Fiona, RJ

We also heard "Accident" twice.  
When I asked if anyone needed help - the 3 other women sitting with me and I heard "Can You"

Then it was gone - no more energy in the room - after I asked if something was keeping them there or if they were afraid - needed help.

I did not/would not/ go to the second & third floor.  I also had to be forced to the basement because I did not want to go.  While down there we 
 - heard metal or tin bang.  
 - the sound of a broom sweeping. Then found handfuls of cement thrown about the floor that wasn't present on our walk through Monday or earlier in the evening.

The other two women with me forced our way back to the first floor. We saw enough.
Last night there were other empathetic people in our group picking up on a male figure, presence in the bar and the room behind it - also the basement area.  

While in the bar area, I closed my eyes to better see what was beyond the dust.
It was a sunny day, a woman in a red suit/hat with fish net - perhaps 50's? walked through the front door smiling.  I couldn't discern if it was my own Grandmother.  I brushed it off.

So far - I saw one picture captured on sight as we were having a walk-through on the grounds - looked like a face in blue smoke. Going in, we were to dismiss most of the picture taken on the inside because of the great amount of dust from the renovation and lights from cars going by flashing through a multitude of windows on the first, second & 3rd floor.

Overall - on a personal level - I feel that if the woman I saw was indeed my Grandma - she was there to protect me from the strong feelings everyone else seemed to be getting.  
And - after the walk through I did with Bob on Monday - 
I honestly Did NOT want to go back to this location. 
I thought about bailing all week actually.  
I had a really strong headache when I left the place that lasted until mid afternoon the next day.  I couldn't shake it.  I even stopped to see my Mom along the way to the investigation. 
She asked if I was excited - I shook my head  - NO.

But now that I think of it - I wore my Grandma's rosary - perhaps she did come to lend a hand to protect me from whatever was there that was making me have that bad vibe. Perhaps her rosary did the trick. I don't know but you can bet your ass I thanked her on the car ride home.

That's all for now.  Here's to the world's we see & the one we can not.


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