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Making Peace in NYC

Yesterday, I was honored to be able to participate in an artistic journey about healing, cleansing and LOVE.

I followed my friend  Colleen Davis &  Artist, Indigo Raffel with my video camera into Manhattan's financial district. 
Destination: Historic Trinity Church of Wall Street.
Purpose: Indigo had created a piece of art there -a RANGOLI & we were going to both bear witness and participate in it's dismantle.
RANGOLI: origin, India  - using sand  &  rice to decorate (everything from nature to breath life into art) however, this particular Rangoli was not just laid out in the church's art gallery to be visually stimulating for passers by  but the intention & the purpose of this piece was to bring healing, cleansing, rebirth and LOVE to the financial district, the people of NY & those whose lives were shook by 9/11.  
To voice this sacred intention, Indigo chose such powerful earth ingredients for success.

Frankincense to bring abundance Lavender which has healing…

Investigation #2

I will call this "B" hotel - where I spent Friday night.
The BMPS first investigated this local near Halloween last year. At that time, they recorded 18 disembodied voices - very clearly.
Monday, I did an initial walk through with the Founder of the group. Walking in, I sensed a woman in the kitchen area who kept asking me not to leave. "Please don't go".
The basement had a super bad vibe - like a morgue.  Here,  I heard a woman whisper. "We are not all that remains."   A man's voice: "What do you want?" Another man: "Get out."
On the 2nd Floor a woman:  "They're here to expose our secrets".
In the bar area:  Voice 1 - "Wanna party?"   A 2nd "It's him again, He'll bring the party".  - referring to our Head Honcho - Bob. A 3rd "I know who you are, I know you!" A 4th " I know why you are here."
Then Bob gave me the details of the location. Built in 1900  - Was home to a WW1 Hospit…

Significant Evidence

This picture was taken in the basement of the residence where I was pinched 3x's.

So I couldn't help be haunted by the experience I had with the team over the weekend.After meeting with my spiritual mentor,  I am convinced & that my unsettled feelings are valid.
When we debunk and truly sense that spirits are in the home  (especially if there are more than one)  I don't think it's OK to just leave them there. 
Think about it.  Do you want strangers in your house? If entities are not part of the current family situation and causing alarm in the middle of the night, even if they are not - if they are just hanging out in the attic, I'm leaning more toward the fact that they need to go "HOME".
Because this family is quite a delicate case -  the founder of our group decided to put the Mrs. nerves at ease by assuring  her nothing was there to cause harm. He even encouraged her to address said spirits by name to put her in control of the situation.
While I can certainly…

1st official Ghost Hunting Experience

Disclaimer Family names withheld for privacy.

Pictures taken on the 3rd floor - no lights/electric - just flash of camera in dark.
April 3rd, 2009 - my first jaunt with the Blue Mt. Paranormal Research Team. Coming on board as a medium ....bit of a nerve wracking task.  But meditation, raising energy on the way there & hoping for the best...helps.
Bob Schaeffer, the groups founder asked if I'd walk through the house prior to the team coming in to set up.
On the initial walkthrough, I felt energy on the stairs from the first -second floor.   The second was peaceful (& it smelled nice) ...then, I saw what looked like a little girl motioning for us to come to the 3rd floor.  
Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the guest bedroom - the feeling changed.   The energy near the closet cubby was dark, heavy - it made me a bit uncomfortable.
After the family left, we met in the living room to talk discuss some "Stuff" that goes on there & what the readings /feelings were for t…