Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making Peace in NYC

Yesterday, I was honored to be able to participate in an artistic journey 
about healing, cleansing
and LOVE.

I followed my friend  Colleen Davis & 
Artist, Indigo Raffel with my video camera into Manhattan's financial district. 

Destination: Historic Trinity Church of Wall Street.

Purpose: Indigo had created a piece of art there -a RANGOLI & we were going to both bear witness and participate in it's dismantle.

RANGOLI: origin, India  - using sand  &  rice to decorate (everything from nature to breath life into art) however, this particular Rangoli was not just laid out in the church's art gallery to be visually stimulating for passers by 
but the intention & the purpose of this piece was to bring healing, cleansing, rebirth and LOVE to the financial district, the people of NY & those whose lives were shook by 9/11.  

To voice this sacred intention, Indigo chose such powerful earth ingredients for success.

Frankincense to bring abundance
Lavender which has healing, cleansing and calming properties
Juniper for love, balance &  healing
Black pepper for history, trade & spark
Pink pepper berries to ignite pure heart love
Blue thistle for stamina 
White Rice for Unity, Release & Nourishment
Mirror Mosaics to reflect that we are all one, a reflection of the world
Pink Roses for unconditional love
Pomegranates for Rebirth
Votives in a red glass to set the intention of the prayer
Yellow Lentils to represent the earth/ground
and finally

Sacred healing sticks that a tribe in Costa Rica had sent to be buried in the grounds of NYC.

As you can see, the end result was a stunning circular collaborative of visual action.  
Yesterday I filmed while my friend Brian Nuels photographed spirit as the ingredients were taken one by one from the beautiful design, until finally we marched it through the streets of NYC and into the cemetery at St. Paul's - which is located directly across the street from site of the WTC.

The sacred sticks sent from a tribe in Costa Rica were buried into the earth  beneath a beautiful tree that sits at the gates of the sacred ground.  The roses, pink pepper berries & such were placed around the trunk - almost a new piece of art and offering back to the planet - rooting the intention and prayer for healing, cleansing, love and rebirth.
The remainder of the ingredients traveled home with Colleen, Indigo and & to the Pocono's to be laid out on the earth in Collen's Labyrinth - a sacred place she invites others to enjoy & be inspired.

The streets of course, were filled with people, life, sunshine and warm weather. We could not have asked or hoped for better weather. During the dismantling of the Rangoli a wedding took place at Trinity Church - symbolic of new chapters, new beginnings. And indeed - for me personally - yesterday was just that.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Investigation #2

I will call this "B" hotel - where I spent Friday night.

The BMPS first investigated this local near Halloween last year. At that time, they recorded 18 disembodied voices - very clearly.

Monday, I did an initial walk through with the Founder of the group.
Walking in, I sensed a woman in the kitchen area who kept asking me not to leave.
"Please don't go".

The basement had a super bad vibe - like a morgue.  Here,  I heard a woman whisper.
"We are not all that remains."  
A man's voice: "What do you want?" Another man: "Get out."

On the 2nd Floor a woman:  "They're here to expose our secrets".

In the bar area:  Voice 1 - "Wanna party?"   A 2nd "It's him again, He'll bring the party".  - referring to our Head Honcho - Bob.
A 3rd "I know who you are, I know you!" A 4th " I know why you are here."

Then Bob gave me the details of the location.
Built in 1900  - Was home to a WW1 Hospital,
A brothel & A bar/hotel over time.
There is also historic confirmation of Indian/Settler fighting on the grounds outside.
Currently it is in renovation to become a bar/restaurant. Another thing I'd like to mention is - the intersection at the location sits at has claimed over a dozen lives.

Theory: A Portal?  That's what I'm thinking because there are layers & layers of decades of passing at this one location.  From the Indians to the accidents to the venue itself being a WW1 hospital then a bar where a drunk driving death was also documented.  

Yesterday, I arrived on hour prior to the others. I lit sage and sat beneath a willow tree on the grounds to meditate and tune in if you will.
I saw - two alpha type males and one dark entity that I could not describe and questioned if it was human.
 - a handful of women.
As the group gathered into a circle and the other Founder Matt divided us into groups, I heard that woman again - in the kitchen - calling for me to come back. I had to bite back tears.  There was a knock that everyone heard then. We couldn't tell from where.

Sitting in the kitchen/"new addition built circa 50-60's" - we initiated communication.
From "The Box" we heard names called out:
Cheryl, Tess
Elizabeth, Trisha
Fiona, RJ

We also heard "Accident" twice.  
When I asked if anyone needed help - the 3 other women sitting with me and I heard "Can You"

Then it was gone - no more energy in the room - after I asked if something was keeping them there or if they were afraid - needed help.

I did not/would not/ go to the second & third floor.  I also had to be forced to the basement because I did not want to go.  While down there we 
 - heard metal or tin bang.  
 - the sound of a broom sweeping. Then found handfuls of cement thrown about the floor that wasn't present on our walk through Monday or earlier in the evening.

The other two women with me forced our way back to the first floor. We saw enough.
Last night there were other empathetic people in our group picking up on a male figure, presence in the bar and the room behind it - also the basement area.  

While in the bar area, I closed my eyes to better see what was beyond the dust.
It was a sunny day, a woman in a red suit/hat with fish net - perhaps 50's? walked through the front door smiling.  I couldn't discern if it was my own Grandmother.  I brushed it off.

So far - I saw one picture captured on sight as we were having a walk-through on the grounds - looked like a face in blue smoke. Going in, we were to dismiss most of the picture taken on the inside because of the great amount of dust from the renovation and lights from cars going by flashing through a multitude of windows on the first, second & 3rd floor.

Overall - on a personal level - I feel that if the woman I saw was indeed my Grandma - she was there to protect me from the strong feelings everyone else seemed to be getting.  
And - after the walk through I did with Bob on Monday - 
I honestly Did NOT want to go back to this location. 
I thought about bailing all week actually.  
I had a really strong headache when I left the place that lasted until mid afternoon the next day.  I couldn't shake it.  I even stopped to see my Mom along the way to the investigation. 
She asked if I was excited - I shook my head  - NO.

But now that I think of it - I wore my Grandma's rosary - perhaps she did come to lend a hand to protect me from whatever was there that was making me have that bad vibe. Perhaps her rosary did the trick. I don't know but you can bet your ass I thanked her on the car ride home.

That's all for now.  Here's to the world's we see & the one we can not.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Significant Evidence

This picture was taken in the basement of the residence where I was pinched 3x's.

So I couldn't help be haunted by the experience I had with the team over the weekend.
After meeting with my spiritual mentor, 
I am convinced & that my unsettled feelings are valid.

When we debunk and truly sense that spirits are in the home 
(especially if there are more than one) 
I don't think it's OK to just leave them there. 

Think about it. 
Do you want strangers in your house?
If entities are not part of the current family situation and causing alarm in the middle of the night, even if they are not - if they are just hanging out in the attic, I'm leaning more toward the fact that they need to go "HOME".

Because this family is quite a delicate case - 
the founder of our group decided to put the Mrs. nerves at ease by assuring
 her nothing was there to cause harm. He even encouraged her to address said spirits by name to put her in control of the situation.

While I can certainly understand the particular circumstances surrounding this case and  
why he responded in such a way - 
I did strongly encourage him to check back in with her perhaps 
in a few months to see if how the energy in the house is.

If she is uncomfortable, nervous or experiencing high anxiety - 
I want to "clean" house.

I've never done it before (professionally)  BUT - I'm not scared.  
But my philosophy is that the energy on earth is largely
unbalanced due to a large amount of spirits/ghosts who have not yet crossed over.

In a home - 
Ghosts cause anxiety.  
They are disruptive to daily life. 
Some feed off of fear. 
They can attach to a weak person and possess.  
They have been known to be violent and unfriendly.  
They also can rip a family apart -who will fight over nothing/something they don't see or understand.  
My personal experience with Ghosts is attachment. 
I've seen how they can drive a person(s) mad - to the brink of suicide. 
I've witnessed them scare people out of their living situations - but not before impacting them in a negative way.

While they may seem harmless during an "investigation" we don't know why they are there. Any children trapped in between planes should be helped to the other side.  
Children should not be here. If they died young, they should have the opportunity to be reunited with family and move on.

I've asked for guidance. If this is my role and reason to have had my path cross with the BMPS than so mote it be.  
It's not something that I will want as a full time job.  But it's something I strongly believe - everyone, living or past - should be at peace.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1st official Ghost Hunting Experience

Disclaimer Family names withheld for privacy.

Pictures taken on the 3rd floor - no lights/electric - just flash of camera in dark.

April 3rd, 2009 - my first jaunt with the Blue Mt. Paranormal Research Team. 
Coming on board as a medium ....bit of a nerve wracking task. 
But meditation, raising energy on the way there & hoping for the best...helps.

Bob Schaeffer, the groups founder asked if I'd walk through the house prior to the team coming in to set up.

On the initial walkthrough, I felt energy on the stairs from the first -second floor.  
The second was peaceful (& it smelled nice) ...then, I saw what looked like a little girl motioning for us to come to the 3rd floor.  

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the guest bedroom - the feeling changed.  
The energy near the closet cubby was dark, heavy - it made me a bit uncomfortable.

After the family left, we met in the living room to talk discuss some "Stuff" that goes on there & what the readings /feelings were for the initial walk through.
TEAM reports:
*EMP spikes on stairs from first -second floor
*LARGE Energy spike on the third floor/ in guest room/ closet area

* The house was built in the 1700's
*A woman with 4 husbands lived there for years
*One of those husbands died on the premise - his name was Bartholemew
          (it was at this time I heard a Man's voice shouting - I'm not Bartholemew!
           I'm Edward.  Eddy.  He repeated this several times until, finally I said it aloud.  
            Then it stopped.
            At that moment, another member of the  group admitted he felt a male on the stairs                    watching us).
* A week earlier, the wife heard dribbling in the 2nd floor hallway from 2:15 am until about 4am.

We split into 3 groups.  
Bob, Allison (also new) & I headed back to the 3rd floor.

The feeling was much different this time - lighter.  
It was not long until I saw an 8 or 9 year old girl who told me her name was Jessica.
She would not come into the room with us because bad things happened there.  
She stood in the hallway while we asked questions.

We left the guest room for the office space next door. 
Sitting here with EMP meter in the hallway, video camera in the hall - 
BOB noticed the camera would continue to come in and out of focus - he said that was a new experience and while he was talking -  
I heard light footsteps in the hall.  
Bob knocked on the wall and asked for a response.
WE GOT IT. - Two light knocks in return.

 - All teams switched location - 

While in the basement (with a nice fat cat watching us).....
I felt a hot pinch on my left hand.  
I asked whatever it was that touched me to do it again.  
I was poked TWICE (like a hot pinch) underneath my coat on my right side.  
Allison immediately flashed her camera & caught a very large orb at my right side.
Not a minute later, Bob felt something touch the back of his neck. 
Allison flashed and caught another large orb at his head.

Seconds later - the walkie's went off.  
The group on the third floor noted that Joann, a woman  - not an emotional persoan - 
was crying her eyes out/experiencing a heavy sadness in the room I had felt "Jessica".

The second floor group  - in the nursery chimed in  - 
only one of the three butterfly's hanging from the ceiling had started to spin in a circle.

We had confirmed activity on all three floors.

We switched location 2 more times......

Later in the evening, while rotating positions again - one of the other groups had asked if I would come listen to the "box" - an electronic device that scans both AM & FM frequencies until energy can "speak" - when asked questions.  
(that's the gist of it, I'm no scientist).
So I asked if Edward was in the house 
Myself & three other people in the room with me immediately heard
I asked if Jessica was with us.  We heard
Joann lit up. She said that they had heard the names Jessica & Stella 
come through the box moments earlier, clear as day.
I asked if Jessica was nine.

Finally, I had an experience that sent me packing with the first group to go home.
We were in the baby's nursery, I was sitting on the floor - 
Bob had asked us to be silent - no questions, no camera's ...
to let the energy in the room settle.
I was overwhelmed with an intense hot/lava burning sensation 
above my heart and in my left breast that lasted for two minutes.  I doubled over and asked my higher power for protection.  IT HURT.
Then - I asked if Bartholemew had died in that room & I'm anxious to see if there is any EVP evidence.
It wasn't until BOB had said aloud that we weren't there to hurt anyone and we wished to be unharmed that the pain started to lift.  

But I couldn't fully shake the entire feeling and knew that I was done for the night.

This morning, Bob called to talk about what had took place after I left. 
He noted that usual team procedure post investigation was to leave immediately, 
go over evidence and call the residents after it was finished.  
However, last night - he called the family back & asked if the names 
Edward or Jessica or Stella meant anything to them 
-at all - 
It was then he learned from the wife- that indeed -  
in the house resided a picture on the grand piano of STELLA her grandmother - 
and it also was a name that kept coming up (in argument) for their child on the way.

In summary, I can't delve into much more for privacy issues.  
But I will say that I am more comfortable in my 'knowing' and that having technology back up some of the things I felt/heard/saw was somewhat refreshing say the least.  
I am also looking forward to finding out if any "activity" will surface in going over the video/audio files taken during our stay.

And - as always - 
I'm eager to learn & experience more - 
for the good of all & harm of none. 

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