Your Laundry, Your Blessing!

When I was first asked to write a spiritual blog for MOCC, not only was I honored, but a wave of responsibility came over me that seemed very deep.  I’ve been a Universal Minister for seven years and I take the job pretty seriously.
Performing weddings are so lovely.  Baby blessings are heart warming, wonderful experience and with each child,
I see love and hope for our future.
I’ve gathered the masses together in the name of prayerful peace after international and national tragedies, console and meditate with the sick, bless homes, perform spiritual counsel and feel so unbelievably humbled when I am asked to give last rites and perform funerals. This sacred ceremony of course, reminds me just how temporary our time here is and maybe how lucky I am to be of reverent assistance. But delivering a spiritual message to mom’s feels like a bigger deal in this moment.
As a minister who counsels other mothers and as a mother myself, I know how hard it is to keep the faith when …

Social, Spiritual, Political views.

"There is no separation between what you DO, what you SAY & WHO you are. What you believe and WHAT you stake in the wellness of your SOUL on are true reflections of your spiritual values. If you're the one oppressed or suffering, it's easy to feel the link between the spiritual and the political.  Injustice is a reflection of disrespect, and often fear or hate. When we look upon the suffering of others, especially those who are different than us, it's tempting to think the same rules don't apply.  This is never true. No one deserves to have their human rights stripped, to be unsafe, to be systematically kept down, or to be bombed.  It's time to I've a f$ck. As we approach the transit of Uranus in Taurus, it's time to challenge yourself as an individual to value human liberty over what is convenient or easy.  If your spirituality doesn't include social justice, how do you justify that?  Being spiritual is NOT taking pictures of your tarot reading, …

Eostre, Venus Rising & Ignition.

Celebrating Eostre, Osatara today by lighting a candle or two at dinner a feast
and enjoying some Kundalini Yoga to balance Spring's New Year. 
Setting intentions for creativity as we days roll forward, powerfully with fertile mind and heart.

My hope for you, my friend is that you take some time to say a prayer to your ancestors,
the elements and Source thanking them for seeing you through winter and set in motion some loving thought forms for the next few months.  Our thoughts create everything.
A powerful Kundalini Yoga Challenge recommended for Spring.

Venus Rising, my beloved MOVE-ment is cultivating Kundalini Retreats (this summer!), public meditation at The Dimmick Memorial Library in Jim Thorpe, workshops,
a Sober Curious/Sober friendly Move-ment called Social Gravity that kicks off in April. 
I will be co-hosting this series with Stacey Hein creator of Tribe Yoga to benefit
Guardian Angel Recovery House.
Esoteric Adventure, the online intuitive learning journey starts…

Call of The Warrior Priestess - REVISTED.

The pressurization on our planet right now, the divisiveness, the polarization
between neighbor, family member, states and nations is so intense.
There are days we can feel it in our bones.
It may give you anxiety just thinking about it. But when we recognize the Call of The Warrior Priestess
we know deep in our soul, somewhere that we can change that. 
Let's first address the currents of amazing
CHANGE that in real time are happening.   +The Me Too Movement, +The Young men and Women Florida who are leading the
charge against the NRA
and politicians,  +The Women's March,  +1000 strange musicians coming together to play a foo fighters song.

How lucky we are to be here in this space, to have this privilege to come
together and be inspired, to want to be empowered - together.  That in itself is good news!
Let's continue to share good news the changes happening
- with each other, instead of always focusing on airing out our grievances,
or gossiping which is low vibe stuff.
Let us turn…

Dear "Light Worker" You're Not Going to Want To Read This

We the souls riding the wave in this human experience have become quite uncomfortable with the day to day workings of living or how to make one on this planet. 
In a large percentage of my readings and coaching, questions like "what is my souls purpose?", or "what is my perfect job?" are often the focus.

The wake, eat, work, pay bills, don't eat because you paid bills, try to sleep trappings of our modern society is soul crushing at times.  I personally find myself wondering how best we can make our time here on the earth ship more fruitful, more fun, less stressful and leaning into the real work which is relationships, connection, being of service and elevating mankind to no avail.
If you have a life, if you live in the western society it's hard to escape the pervasive nine to five culture. In addition, it's hard to navigate the dark mental, spiritual, emotional side effects of our socio-economic structure.

If you are a light worker, if you identify…

Cheers to 2017's keen evolution & a prayer for next year.

A humbled look back.....minus any nightcap I'd have leaned on in previous seasons. 
I made it!  I have been dry 365 days
Caught myself admitting that I picked a fine year to exorcise these spirits a handful of times! Through both hell and high water, victory is about to be mine regardless of  how many petitions, phone calls or texts I've sent the government, gritting my teeth wanting whiskey to wash them all down.
Outside circumstances, the shit show spews hot garbage water worldwide!
It may continue a little while longer. The news gives me no solid hope.
But I've come to a place of peace, knowing it is beyond just me in so many ways. And my world, my neighborhood, my street, my clients, family and friends - that is my responsibility.
Flexibility and sovereigntyhowever I find more suitable to my personal needs. And sobriety, well that feels like an added superpower in case you were wondering.

Mercy, grace, absolution.

Thirty days at the beginning of 2017, found me on…

Lightening Up Your Feed

You're hurting. It's palpable. Something awful has happened. You've been fired, someone has betrayed you, you lost a battle perhaps you didn't even know you were fighting .                           We feel you.
In your day to day life, your energy speaks it through your verbal/non verbal communication. It's tough. We gather around and support you in your time of need.
We ask that you be healed. We want that for you, please - also, want that for you -  and take a pause - sit with your event and the lessons. Call on your guides. Call in the Angels. Cry when necessary. Do not be afraid to ask your close friends for help.
We feel you.
But in reference to the big picture, the great big one with all of the outcomes and lessons learned and the pain and suffering transformed, there is a commitment that's important to your own dignity, your self respect, your on and off line reputation that's imperative to your healing process & I think it's about ti…