Tuesday, November 13, 2018

In 2008, I had postpartum depression. It was so severe that I had
impending thoughts of doom, daily.

"What if I left the stove on and the house burns down?"
"How am I going to afford rent this month when I can’t even get out of bed?"

"What if I fall down the stairs and squished my baby to death?

And as hard as this for me to admit out loud, there was a moment so dark,
where I considered my life coming to an end.
I was drowning in despair. So much so that I was also mute for two weeks.
And if you know me, you know how hard of a concept that actually is:
I literally could not speak!  My words failed me.

Nothing anyone could say or do could alleviate the pain I felt so I sought professional help.
Much to the Dr’s dismay, I didn’t have the time for prescription drugs as I was
breastfeeding and did not want to quit.

One tool my mentor, who was also a psychotherapist, suggested was a gratitude journal.
I looked at her with an eyes fully wide yet blank stare. Feeling my disdain,
she recommended I start small, writing down three things a day that I could hold on to,
and be completely thankful for.
I wanted so badly to get better for my daughter.
I knew things would never be perfect but I also knew that I was at the lowest point
in my life and for her sake and safety,  I needed to start somewhere.
When I got home later that evening, I busted out a Wonder Woman journal
I’d gotten as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and started my assignment.  

I’m grateful for coffee.  
I am thankful for my eight month old’s smile.  
I am grateful for the roof over my head.  

Writing those things down took me at least ten minutes and all the
energy I could muster. I was tired. My lack of energy was a big problem.
But the next day, I forced myself to sit and opened the notebook.  

I’m grateful for the chill in the air.
I’m grateful for a car that runs.
So thankful my daughter is healthy.
 A week later, without direction from my mentor, my list grew.
I’m grateful for:
Food on my table.
Clothes on my back.
My daughter cooing.
A job

At then end of week two, I noticed that something lifted.
The grey veil that seemed to shroud around my every move wasn’t there.
I wasn’t staying in bed as long in the morning.
I looked forward to greeting my journal and having a moment of silence to myself.
I started to smile again. Thoughts of anxiety, the doom and gloom that were all consuming
turned into hope toward the present day and the future. I wasn’t worried about falling down
the stairs with child in tow. I started making ‘to do’ lists. This shift was incredible.
Soon my gratitude list began to grow from five things to be thankful for to ten and
I actually grinned while I was itemizing what it was in my life I could be grateful for.

My little Wonder Woman journal filled so I got another.  Three months later,
my severe postpartum had subsided with a little diligence and a lot of thanksgiving.
Appreciating the littlest of things turned things around to the degree that I could point
out dozens of instances in which having an attitude of gratitude completely transformed
my life for the better.  

My physical body felt better. I didn’t carry as much weight or pain and the more
I was responsive in praise to this, the healthier I became. I clearly looked better because
customers where I waited tables would remark that I was vibrant and glowing.
And while I wasn’t working out at the gym diligently with a crazy new mom schedule,
I was actively recognizing the good things in my day to day mattered because when
summed up they added to a life that was worth living. My life suddenly, for the first time
became full.Writing in my gratitude journal was such an amazing
proof - in -the-pudding practice that I wondered what would happen if I would
infuse every step on my walk with my daughter around our development with gratefulness.
 I remembered in a Tony Robbins program I had taken a decade earlier,
he suggested adding mantra to action and so I did.
With the stroller in hand, I pushed and silently thought:

“With every step, I am grateful for….being.”  
“With every step I am grateful my legs working!”  
“With every step I am stronger, happier and healthy!”

Some days while Sophia and I buzzed about the neighborhood,
 I would focus on one thing to really elevate that part of my life, like my health or the money
I had in my wallet. With every step I believed that it was a seed I was planting for the good
of our future.
What happened next was yet another life altering miracle brought on by
being thankful. Gratitude burned through any and all of my fearful thoughts
with laser precision. My intuition ignited and instead of being the woman everybody pitied,
I became the woman everyone came to, inquiring how they too could as one person put it,
be “more magnetic.”

In time gratitude didn’t just become my mantra or a thing I did each day in a journal,
it became my daily prayer.  When things went wonky or lopsided as they so often do in life,
gratitude saved my ass from doing anything other than staying in a place of high vibration.
Believe me, at times it was tough! I could have so easily taken a low road.
Especially with people who were judgemental or attacking.
But now, feeling an obligation to the blessings in my life,
I was able to change the tone on some pretty heavy handed circumstances
by being able to stop drop and give grace to the things that were working instead of
focusing on what had gone wrong.  

     “God I know things hurt right now, but I am so grateful that
this lesson is not the final outcome.  I am so happy and grateful that you have
myself and my daughters best interest in your hands.”

  “Dear Universe, thank you for letting XX be a pain my ass.
It’s helping me to realize when and where I’m a being a pain the .......
ok, I’ll stop cussing - but honestly, I’m sorry.”

With gratitude now enlisted as a prayer I could also see clearly any and all other possible
outcomes than what seemed to be one bleak one in a blinded moment of doubt.
Tunnel vision became a multidimensional perspective.
I felt a sense of safety knowing my daughter and I were being taken care of despite how
other people or things were coming apart at the seams in front our our eyes or in our lives.

Life is meant to teach us many lessons and give us many experiences in an effort for us
to become better people. I finally get that having gone through all of this an entire decade
after starting my gratitude journey! Having a grateful heart has been key in landing business
opportunities, letting me mend relationships that seemed beyond repair and bringing me out of
the despair of a broken heart to the precise moment when I met a partner which,
as of October 23rd, I’m lucky enough to call my husband.   

November is a really great time to start a gratitude journal.
Tis the season of Thanksgiving!

If you’re not into carrying around a notebook
Facebook is a great platform to state your thanks.
Please consider using social media as a opportunity to be
light and shine your light. And let me know how that works out for you.

Friday, August 31, 2018

You can't see the house burning down & not yell fire.
In 2014, these words, by Marianne Williamson incited a spark within me
to help where I was needed politically.
A day later I met Patti Borger, & realized how aligned our personal values
were so I jumped at the chance to volunteer for her campaign
as Democratic candidate for State Rep.

I learned so much in that experience, about myself, our community 
and about fear & bullying - just precisely how prevalent it is in adults... of power.
One thing I loved about Patti & the people working for her was they never stooped as low as they were getting hit by the opposition. I witnessed it first hand, repeatedly. 

When she lost the election to the incumbent I was devastated. I believed in Patti so much, in her message -  Carbon County needed this vision & change..but it was the shadow of the rally tactics, the low brow swings of the other side...that really stung when ..they won.

I vowed to not subject myself to this again and to use my voice where it was needed - spiritually.
November 2015, France was attacked. I quickly pulled together local citizens for a successful candle light peace vigil.  Months after came the largest mass shooting in our country's history and on the LGBTQ community in Florida. I rallied again, because it where I was being called to do the work.
It was in this event, where fear and bullying from adults in power would rear it's ugly head again because as the local authority put it "it was an election year."

With permission from the Carbon County commissioners, I announced the Pulse Night Club Peace vigil on social media. However when the local Democratic candidate running for State Rep at that time volunteered to read the names of the victims, permission was publicly revoked in the local paper and I was said to have "misled" local authorities about the intentions of the event having political bias.

On a call with the men who made this public announcement, 
I couldn't explain to them enough I just wanted the high school kids 
who volunteered ...to sing - that local clergy and the Democratic Rep- 
ALL volunteered on their own accord to bring the community together. 
I insisted that the Republican State Rep was most definitely invited to participate, that he actually should in such critical circumstances. This was not an exclusive event.  Yet they raised their voices declaring I was being bamboozled by the Democratic candidate and they just could not let such a thing happen "during an election year."

Next, volunteers called with fear of incarceration if they participated. So most didn't.
I pressed on with the event anyway despite warnings not to - because again, this  wasn't about a local political race or any affiliation THIS in fact was about our nation, citizens in crisis - in mourning & the responsibility I personally felt called to.

Since that time, there have been several tragedies to which, the vigils I've chosen to hold have been online. I have also been asked to help with the current democratic campaign but declined. 
I even went to meet the current candidate and was triggered in a way that was very unexpected.

I'm coming forth with this story now, because I've kept quiet too long. I've been a coward.

Fear of being targeted once again or made a fool of by people in authority has gotten the best of me.
I was reminded this morning as our Republican State Rep made it a point, to meet me on the street in an unfriendly manner. This has happened a handful of times now. Once people he was with yelled insults.

I've been bullied for a very large percent of my life.
When it happens, I tend to duck and cover.  For me, it keeps me safe and sane. 
No one really loves conflict but I'm seeing that this pattern will not stop until I change it.
I know this small story is NOTHING compared to what others are going through or have gone through. I know that the political climate has changed so dramatically that bullying seems to be our new normal.
But not this girl.  NOT anymore.
Knowing it won't be perfect, I want to invite conversation about opposing views and listen thoughtfully. I want to hold space for anyone with the need to be right, patiently and with grace.
I want to not have to 'prove' anything to them but ask them perhaps what would help them change their minds.
Exclusivity regarding faith, party or otherwise is outdated.
The future is inclusive.
How can we be best figure this out together?
How can I help lead the way?
How can I help you?
I'm praying for answers and looking for some in the space between.
My heart and my ears are wide open.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Gospel Of Mr. Rogers

Tikkun Olam, repairers of creation. I first heard this Jewish imperative watching
“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” the documentary on Fred Rogers, his beloved television
show and his life.
|The film brilliantly chronicled the evolution of television, technology
and its effect on children. It also took great care to speak of the social,
economical and political times and how it affected well, us; his neighbors.  

Tikkun Olam was the message Mr. Rogers, the Presbyterian Minister turned
TV star came out of retirement for to help us repair ‘the brokenness’ of September 11th.
“When I was a boy,” Rogers recalled, “and I would see scary things in the news,
my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

I could site at least a dozen more profound statements and or moments in
this piece of creative nostalgia but I’d much rather talk about how it, as a gospel
has transmuted into action in my life as ‘a helper.’

On the drive home, I thought deeply about life, one’s legacy and the current state of affairs in
the collective consciousness and in reality. It seems that with each passing month since mid 2015,
I’ve experienced clients with more anxiety about the future and hopelessness or depression.
I noticed friends and family, drawing hard lines in the sand with other friends and family
because of opposing religious or political views, the usual heated holiday functions
dialed up a few notches. Social media feeds mirrored a direct reflection of the outside
forces at work inciting online riots friends fight over each others opinions (posts) or they are
turned into somewhat of a virtual social graveyard because of people dropping out of conversations
or off the grid all together in an effort to soften the blow of our the current state
of social and political polarization.

“Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
Mr. Rogers sentiment echoes when I find myself going down a rabbit hole
of despair after tuning into NPR the following day. I’ve always been taught, since I first leaned
into my spiritual journey that being of service, to be a helper was a path to souls transformation.
So I got to thinking about my current sphere of influence and Oneness.
Beyond teaching yoga, beyond seeing clients, how else could I possibly help?
Where could I be of service more and set an example?
How best can I lean into repairing the brokenness?

Here's what I came up with.
Smiling (at strangers).  In my quaint little tourist town, I know most everyone.
But I take the time to greet everyone I meet with a smile.
It doesn’t cost me anything it takes seconds of time to make that connection.  

Acknowledge the name tag.  In the presence of  a customer service representative perhaps at the checkout line at
Giant, I will most certainly make a point of saying the name aloud and asking the person
how their day is.  Try it.

More time with friends family sans technology.
This speaks for itself. Don’t forget to insert eye contact and real time responses.

Printing (sharing) real photos
.  Having access to actual pictures to touch
& to tell the story of my daughter, of our journey! Whoa.
Giving them as gifts to family seems slightly
retro but the results are amazing. (FreePrints is an amazing app!)

More music less news. Total vulnerability right now; I had FOMO for a hot minute.
But my chest pains and emotional eating have subsided as my rump shaking and giggle fest
with my daughter has increased.  If you have a tendency to listen to the news more
than 20 minutes a day, consider adding more music and comedy as a remedy.

More time on the mat.
 Deepening my physical practice keeps me safe and sane therefore everyone
around me benefits.

Using technology
(as a sphere of influence)
- not letting it use me.
This is going to be a minute. Ready?
Before, during & after the 2016 election, I edited my friend list on Facebook
& Instagram hard. Discussing this with a friend, he offered the advice to suspend that
course of action, to not delete or ghost out on anyone ever again because not only do you
not know what those people are going through but you also don’t know when you are going
to run into them again because it’s a small, small, world.  Truth bombs. Mic drop.

When I am faced the pangs of deleting my Uncle who posts borderline racist comments,
I recall, then employ an Arabic proverb to help me reign my mouth
and more importantly my thumbs;
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
Is it true?

 If the answer was no to any of those questions it won’t leave my lips or my fingertips.
This is a work in progress. But my output on social media is a lot less political and more fun.
I ask questions on a daily basis that provoke great conversation and giggles.
To further clean up my sphere of influence and/or how it influences me,
I report ads that I don’t like. I report any activity that is
threatening harm or violence to anyone,
and I report memes or news stories with no facts to back them up by checking
snopes, the DW, or asking my friends who still work at CBS.
On Facebook in particular, hiding people not aren’t in alignment with your
current vibe is less of a hard line in the sand then deleting and blocking them.
Snoozing them is also another safe option that allows you to keep the doors of
possibility and love open for when you do cross paths again.
Not choosing to engage in meaningless arguments equals winning.
This past week, I’ve taken it a step further to reach out to people
not by liking a status, but by sending a little message of gratitude for how
they’ve affected me in my life or just to check in and see how they are doing.
Microaggressions contained. The path for peace, open, flowing.
Sphere of influence in my ‘neighborhood’, helping.

Seeing through the eyes of my child. Here is a shift in my perspective that is indelible and a true gift from Mr. Rogers.
When I get caught up in how adults are behaving,
I sink into my breath and bring down my sight down to the level of my ten year old.

What excites her? What does she hope for? How best can we both create together?
To make the shift, I borrow a posture from yoga and get in childs pose or find myself
on the floor asking her to color an engaging in a conversation that removes
the both of us from any outside forces and brings us back to a place of hope and love.

Finally, deepening my spiritual practice. Connection, prayer keeps
Oneness at the forefront so that being a helper to my neighbors stays a priority now more than ever.

While the world may be falling apart, I realize now more than ever that
we have every opportunity with every choice we make during our daily routines to be helpers,
to repair the brokenness where we are called and where we can.

So some things to ponder until
we are together again:

How are you applying your spiritual path to your day to day
sphere of influence, in your neighborhood?  

Where can you drop your need to be right to let more
peace into your life?

Have you looked at the world through your child’s eyes today?
How are you creating your legacy?

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Your Laundry, Your Blessing!

When I was first asked to write a spiritual blog for MOCC, not only was I honored, but a wave of responsibility came over me that seemed very deep.  I’ve been a Universal Minister for seven years and I take the job pretty seriously.
Performing weddings are so lovely.  Baby blessings are heart warming, wonderful experience and with each child,
I see love and hope for our future.
I’ve gathered the masses together in the name of prayerful peace after international and national tragedies, console and meditate with the sick, bless homes, perform spiritual counsel and feel so unbelievably humbled when I am asked to give last rites and perform funerals. This sacred ceremony of course, reminds me just how temporary our time here is and maybe how lucky I am to be of reverent assistance. But delivering a spiritual message to mom’s feels like a bigger deal in this moment.
As a minister who counsels other mothers and as a mother myself, I know how hard it is to keep the faith when everyone and everything is tugging at your heart strings, twenty four/seven. The moment you bring a new life into this world, your vulnerability spikes.
You not only realize your own mortality but the inherent obligation you have to raise and protect now, another life.
How best do you do such things in a world filled with drugs, violence, extreme weather and commercials?
Feeding, bathing, changing diapers, doing homework, mountains of laundry and running our children to this practice or that recital in the midst of real life is an active dance that takes up so much bandwidth that sometimes we forget who we are or how we got here. On top of that, we wear a plethora of faces; mom, wife, partner, daughter, sister, friend, boss, co-worker, community member, healer. Some of us are coaches or teachers which includes caring for others people’s children. Others are trying to get second careers off the ground or are trying to keep our families together or healthy as we care for our aging parents too and still others are going at it all alone.
Yet in the midst of all this, there is a longing inside of us to feel more connected.  We secretly hope that all the work we are doing will somehow be recognized in a way that feels of merit to the grandmothers that helped raise us now keeping an eye on us from afar or the ancestors that we heard were so very pious.
Maybe we beat ourselves up because we don’t get to church as often as our elders or we don’t kneel for our prayers before we crash in our beds at days end. When we do walk into church we may feel judged for only coming on holiday but we still show up anyway knowing that we want and need to be connected to our divinity, the highest version of ourselves we know we can be.
That is the prayer of the Mother in it’s essence.  To have one foot in reality and the other in making each other every aspect of ourselves linked to God.
Our connection to our divinity strengthens when we offer every sliver of work (dishes, taking out the trash, making beds, etc.) as an active prayer or an act of service. If we see our sometimes mundane daily tasks as a way to strengthen our connection to our higher power, our energy level is protected and our aura becomes so strong that we are blessing and protecting everyone around us.  We also feel less guilt getting to mass only on Christmas or Easter.
Prayer can be infused into laundry folding and it can be as simple as something you learned as a child or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can run the vacuum and actively meditate. That’s actually a thing! You can bless your children, yourself and your family as you are preparing any and every meal that they eat. You can even teach them to pause and give thanks before they enjoy it.  These small offerings can turn your daily Mom life into a ritual that feels less daunting and more sacred.
And what does it mean to make an offering as an act of service?  I’m talking about selfless service; to serve others without wanting, needing or expecting anything (anything at all) in return. Often we do things in some hope that our children or family will react a certain way.  Or we may give a gift as a sort of bribe to get our partners to do something for us in return.  To give an offering of selfless service cuts out the transaction making the act in and of itself a gift to all. It is called the ancient practice of Seva in Eastern Spirituality. Seva, the art of blessed action is believed to not only help ignite your personal spiritual growth but to be of great service to one’s community. To do this in practice with those you love or hold close to you is one of the hardest tasks but of the greatest devotion because by serving others, you are serving God.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Social, Spiritual, Political views.

"There is no separation between what you DO, what you SAY & WHO you are. What you believe and WHAT you stake in the wellness of your SOUL on are true reflections of your spiritual values.
If you're the one oppressed or suffering, it's easy to feel the link between the spiritual and the political.  Injustice is a reflection of disrespect, and often fear or hate. When we look upon the suffering of others, especially those who are different than us, it's tempting to think the same rules don't apply. 
This is never true. No one deserves to have their human rights stripped, to be unsafe, to be systematically kept down, or to be bombed.  It's time to I've a f$ck.
As we approach the transit of Uranus in Taurus, it's time to challenge yourself as an individual to value human liberty over what is convenient or easy.  If your spirituality doesn't include social justice, how do you justify that?  Being spiritual is NOT taking pictures of your tarot reading, wearing crystals, meditating or reading horoscopes.  Those are tools, but if you don't USE those tools to be more whole they are just blah, blah, blah.  Tending to your soul is an inside job and standing up to hate and injustice is an organic result of that effort.  Get involved in the world around you.
The political is spiritual; strive to be a part of the worlds solutions". - JESSICA LANYADOO

I've oscillated emotions between anger and sadness all week witnessing women I know rip each other apart over divisive memes and feeling the undercurrent, the chill of WW3 vs. civil war. 
It's never been more clear that a deep, spiritual healing is needed now more than ever. Spiritual/political healing.  Sure, we can't change the entire world once from behind a voting machine, but we sure can change the community, the neighborhoods in which we reside in both virtual and actual realities by our own daily actions.  
What we DO, what we SAY and WHO we are on a daily basis at home, 
online, in our work place within our community matters most.

If you claim or have claimed to be someone who "doesn't like drama" then it's imperative that you don't post dramatic shit online, or continuously mumble things that aren't nice about coworkers under your breath.  Dig?
If we want compassion, we must give compassion to others no matter what country, how much they make, what color their skin, their age, or what their political/spiritual belief. 
If you're a political advocate for whichever party, you're not winning anyone over talking at them and/or just posting "facts". Try starting a conversation with someone of opposing views by asking them a question or two.  Why not try: "This post peaked my attention. I'm curious as to why it resonates so much with you? or Why is it you feel X way?"  
Dialogue is best when people actually LISTEN.  
If you want to be the change you seek in the world, or even in your family - no matter how or what that particular dynamic may look like - lead by example.  
Whose example?
How about any of the ascended masters who came here to raise the vibration of the human soul: Buhdda, The Virgin Mary, Quan Yin or my personal favorite; JESUS. That guy was multiplying loaves of bread and fish to feed the less fortunate, healing the sick in droves and inviting whores and lepers to his dinner table.  
There was no wall in his teachings because he embodied oneness.

Finally, and on this note, I'm actually going to implore you - if you need help with your feelings, anger, overwhelm, grief, desperation, 
depression, sadness, loneliness- 
please get the attention that you deserve for it.  
Low vibe feelings don't have to overcome you. 
Negative emotions don't have to ruin your life - forever. 
You can use them as a tool to build a better life and no one can fix your life, 
your inside stuff but you. Self help books, meditation, exercise or talk therapy are so helpful.
Most of the time when we are hurting, when we feel the baggage crushing us and we are suffocated, we lash out passive aggressively or aggressively, we project our shadow as Carl Jung stated onto others consciously or subconsciously which does not contribute to the overall vibe of world peace. Spiritually, happiness is your birthright. It's actually everyone's. 
Big picture, contagious happiness (leading by example) is a ticket to the reality of world peace. 

Wishing you happy, healthy and whole. XOXO 

Special thanks to the heart light of Jessica Lanyadoo for helping me move the "feelings" inside creatively. Sat Nam.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eostre, Venus Rising & Ignition.

Celebrating Eostre, Osatara today by lighting a candle or two at dinner a feast
and enjoying some Kundalini Yoga to balance Spring's New Year. 
Setting intentions for creativity as we days roll forward, powerfully with fertile mind and heart.

My hope for you, my friend is that you take some time to say a prayer to your ancestors,
the elements and Source thanking them for seeing you through winter and set in motion some loving thought forms for the next few months.  Our thoughts create everything.
A powerful Kundalini Yoga Challenge recommended for Spring.

Venus Rising, my beloved MOVE-ment is cultivating Kundalini Retreats (this summer!), public meditation at The Dimmick Memorial Library in Jim Thorpe, workshops,
a Sober Curious/Sober friendly Move-ment called Social Gravity that kicks off in April. 
I will be co-hosting this series with Stacey Hein creator of Tribe Yoga to benefit
Guardian Angel Recovery House.
Esoteric Adventure, the online intuitive learning journey starts 4/2. 
It is both my privilege and duty to continue to empower women to sharpen their light up the night, and the day by honing in on their intuitive skills and facilitating them as their super power all while creating community that supports compassion, kindness and forward MOVEment for the Aquarian Age. To enroll in this 5 week online course on ZOOM click here.
One person will be granted a full scholarship April 1st.  Email HERE why you or a friend should be chosen.

For more event info click here.  We'd love to have you!

Speaking of Venus, she's back in the night sky, appearing in the evening as the brightest star closest to the sun.  So if you are looking west toward the sunset, be sure to take a pause and capture her radiance and invite the Divine Feminine to bless your creativity, your forward MOVE-ment and be an illuminating force igniting the way forward.

Finally, here's a clip of inspiration from my personal fave
DREW BARRYMORE regarding staying positive
& allowing greatness to come during this wild time
- taking the positive and capable approach!


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Call of The Warrior Priestess - REVISTED.

The pressurization on our planet right now, the divisiveness, the polarization
between neighbor, family member, states and nations is so intense.
There are days we can feel it in our bones.
It may give you anxiety just thinking about it.
But when we recognize the Call of The Warrior Priestess
we know deep in our soul, somewhere that we can change that. 

Let's first address the currents of amazing
CHANGE that in real time are happening.  

How lucky we are to be here in this space, to have this privilege to come
together and be inspired, to want to be empowered - together. 
That in itself is good news!
Let's continue to share good news the changes happening
- with each other, instead of always focusing on airing out our grievances,
or gossiping which is low vibe stuff.
Let us turn instead to focus on the uplifting moments, events,
circumstances, details of the light in our lives.
Light up your social media with nuggets of inspiration so that in turn,
we can be inspired. You never know

who needs it, who's looking or when you look back that you may need
to feel those words, that moment once more.

Giving momentum to good news, good vibe current help shine a light through
the Kali-Yug which is the darkest time of the Aquariun age.
It's the storm before 5000 years of peace.

What if I told you that
change of the current of the consciousness on the planet happening right now is completely the responsibility of the western woman?

Can you believe it?
Yeah. US.
Yogi Bhajan believed in the power of women
SO much that he became a rebel by breaking
all tradition and thousands of years of yogi practice
to bring the sacred, secret teachings of Kundalini Yoga to the west in
1969 & focused teaching women – which until he did this was FORBIDDEN.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It’s a technology, a transportation system, which connects you with your own higher consciousness.
This Yoga
is designed to help you maneuver our complex modern reality with grace, integrity and vitality. Kundalini gives you a tool set to embody a high caliber of energy, which in turn allows you to be healthier and happier in your life, your relationships and your work. 
This yoga consists of kriyas (yogic exercises),
mantras (sound technology),
pranayams (yogic breathing techniques) and mudras.
It is an accelerated path to spiritual growth with tangible physical, mental and emotional results available to anyone who practices.

So again, who are we - Western Women -
to lead the charge of a new archetype on the planet?
As Marianne Williamson says
Who are we NOT to be?

Enter the concept of Warrior Priestess 

We are She who releases the Fierce grace
within so she can lead the way through this

immense pressurization and others will notice and say

"Hey….What are you up to?"

And they will will follow by your radiance and example.

This is a way of peace, of intuition, of humble glory.

Fierce grace is when we combine divine grace our unique divine influence, our higher consciousness with passion.

What is higher consciousness?
The consciousness of a higher Self, transcendental reality, or God. It's "the part of the human being that is capable of transcending basic animal instincts".

Fierce Grace is in an effort to operate this human vehicle to regenerate and sanctify it.
It’s inspired virtuous action.  Lifting others up not bringing them down.
Fierce Grace is strength to endure heavy trials and resist foolish temptations. 
Fierce Grace is all of these things lived with a fervor, 
a passion to not just theorize these things but to embody them.
This is the core of what a  A Warrior Priestess is.

A Warrior Priestess is also a leader within her home, her
community, She peacefully battles by way of her higher consciousness,
her intuition, intelligence and truth.
Less insults, more blessings to those who insult or challenge us.
Less anger, more peaceful negotiation & meditation.
A Warrior Priestess Radiates integrity.
What is integrity?
1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
2.The state of being whole and undivided:
3.Internal consistency or lack of corruption
HOW BEST do we, the Western Women do these things?

First and foremost, by way of self worship and worship of other women.
Seeing the divine in ourselves, connecting to it on a daily basis
and then in turn seeing the grace of God in everyone
COMPASSION - no matter what you look like
or what your social status is.
This beautiful kind of worship strips ourselves of self judgment and projection our fears and judgment onto others.  
THIS is the highest form of compassion with can give this planet on
a daily basis
. And it doesn’t cost us anything except surrendering
our old programming, our rage, separation and our bullshit.

Next we strengthen and sharpen the superpower we were all born with.
Our Intuition. 
When we are in alignment with our higher consciousness, our authentic truth, the difference between our inner voice and our ego is clear and it is OUR SUPERPOWER.  Our intuition is a divine compass that keeps us safe and sane.
Our ego - well/ that’s filled with fear and what if’s and why not!?
Our intuition, always, calmly, lights the next right step.

When we lock into Fierce Grace, when we lovingly Self Worship, when we strip ourselves of self judgement giving way for more compassion for ourselves and others, when we light up our intuition and use it a superpower we become the Warrior Priestess leading the charge, illuminating the way. 
Kundalini can give us the tools to get there. Here's some of the work we uncovered:
Four part breath for INTUITION.

Nabi Kriya for Courage.

And finally, I leave you with the very powerful and beautiful words written by Jenny Griffen we infused into guided meditation:
Do not ask me to bend again.
For too long I have been contorted in attempts to accommodate the distortions in the wounded collective ego.
I’ve disallowed the fullness of me to be seen in order to allow others a sense of comfort and safety.
I will not bend under the weight of collective fear,
anger, hatred or disillusionment any longer.

I will not submit myself to the false powers of terror or greed.
I will not make myself small before the churning, turning wheels of
capitalist corruption. They do not define my worth.

I will not lie down and die.
My spine is forged of tempered steel,
 made indestructible in the fires of transformation.
My will is iron and ice, crafted through millennia of subjugation and compromise.
My womb is a fiery, burning chalice of creation from where all life is born.
I will not bend.
I am alive, replete with the roaring rage of generations
past whose essence has been overlooked, overshadowed and overtaken.

I will not stand by and silently watch the destruction of all that is sacred.

I will grab my pen and my sword, my paintbrush and my life force,
and I will carve away, rewrite and paint over the stories of collective delusion.

In their place I will leave magic, ecstasy and fierce, undying love.
I will hold my fired steel spine erect 
and use my loudest voice to shed light
on abusive and distorted structures.

I will laugh in the face of immature despots vying for false power.

Fuck nice
I grow weary of insipid sheep 
clawing at the robes of wounded egos 
who want others to fulfill their desperate need for attention.
Nice has its place until it becomes an aspect of the distortion.
Do not waste your precious life force energy attempting
to extend understanding and compassion to those
who would cut your heart out to own its love.

Now is the time for wildness.
Now is the time for those who have walked through
the fires of hell to stand up and claim their place on center stage.

The time of the Wounded Masculine is over.
I will not bend.

Call together the guardians of your heart and make haste.
Do not wait for others to help you catch up or get you.
You are Warriors of Light. .
Release the shackles of indentured servitude to old, distorted structures.
Say farewell to the days of playing the game by someone else’s rules..
I will not bend.
My strength is in the wisdom I’ve gained through daring to be reborn.
My beauty is in my acceptance of my divine imperfection.
My courage is in my expressions of vulnerability.
My power is in the truth I speak.
My divinity is in my rage, and the freedom to express its glory.

Enough is enough. NOW is the time. I am the Divine Feminine. You will hear me roar.

***Jenny Griffin is an intuitive messenger, Earth Goddess, mystic & mentor
Jenny Griffin, The Power of Change.

Sat Nam,
Devi Ananda Kaur 
(Michelle Gallagher)

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